Self Care Challenge

Those of you who have been into the studio in the last week may have noticed the self care challenge posted on the board to the left of the studio door.

What is the Self-Care Challenge you ask?

Each week (on Thursdays) we will offer you a new opportunity to incorporate self care into your every day life. Something as simple as turning your cellphone off an hour earlier than you go to bed... Some of these things may be easy for you and may stick as part of your routine... a good way to bring your yoga home... Some may be impossible... but see what works for you. 

If you successfully complete the self care challenge for the week you are eligible to put your name into the jar for a monthly drawing for prizes. Obviously this will all be on the honor system. 

Week 2 Self Care Challenge:

Start your day each morning with a glass of warm lemon water before consuming anything else. Take your time drinking it.