January Yogi of the Month!

Meet Kat!

She's our Yogi of the month for January with a whopping 19 visits during the month.  We are so lucky to have Kat as part of our community and even more lucky that she brings her sweet little girl with her on Tuesday afternoons. Here's a little about Kat:

1.  What's your very favorite Yoga pose

Shoulder stand

2. What do you find most beneficial about yoga?

It helps my physical health (especially back and shoulder issues) and my emotional well-being.

3.  What are your favorite hobbies outside of yoga?

Horseback riding, reading, and baking

4. Where is your dream vacation?

Italy (food + wine + gorgeous country)

5.  Whats your favorite restaurant?

My family definitely goes to Fardowners more than any other restaurant.  We love it!