February Yogi of the Month

28 times in 28 days... Let me repeat that.... 28 times in 28 days. Rachel quite simply is a rock star, and we love seeing her in the studio!

1. favorite yoga pose

Any sort of backbend, I’m really working on dancer and king pigeon lately in my home practice. 

2. Favorite class

Don’t make me choose! I love all of the instructors and classes here so much and the diversity in styles really makes for a balanced practice, but if I have to choose one Lynsie’s Tantra class followed by Yoga Nidra is really phenomenal.

3. What do you love about your yoga practice?

It gives me the space to really surrender to the wisdom of my body. In my day to day life, I’m constantly in my own head and thinking about what I have to do or what I’m forgetting to do or that one time I did something embarrassing at a holiday party. Yoga allows all of that to be stripped away and really encourages you to be in the present moment. It’s liberating to tell the intellect that it can take break and let the breath and the body guide you.

4. What are your hobbies besides yoga?

I recently got really into crafting and sewing. I love dying my own fabrics and turning them into wall hangings. Other than that making salsa and playing with my dogs. 

5. Favorite place to eat in Crozet?

I’m a sucker for good barbecue, so I have to say Santosha’s former neighbor Smoked.

6. Where is your dream vacation?

Taking a year to backpack around the world with friends. The highlights would be Costa Rica, Argentina, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Bali, and Australia. Now all I need to do is become absurdly wealthy to afford it.