March Yogi of the Month

Meet Jennis... (as she'd say, pronounced like Tennis)

Jennis joined our community just this year, and we are so glad she did! She's been such a joy to get to know, and get this... since she couldn't do our 14 day challenge she made her own. Yesterday was day 14 and she liked it so much that I saw her just this afternoon on her day 15!

Here's some info about Jennis:

1. favorite yoga pose I’m fairly new to yoga and just recently made it into Crow, so I am very excited about being strong enough to do that.

2. Favorite class How to pick one? Currently loving the 5:45 am Vinyasa Flows with Wendy or Chloe—nothing better than sunrise yoga to start a workday.

3. What do you love about your yoga practice? Breathing in and breathing out into a deeper pose—noticing my body do more over time. Developing patience and slowing down—both in class and after I leave the studio.

4. What are your hobbies besides yoga? Running, hiking, cooking and eating (yes, I think eating should count as a hobby—it’s the most fun!)

5. Favorite place to eat in Crozet? FARDOWNERS Hippie Wings cannot be beat.

6. Where is your dream vacation? Anytime I can be near the water, in the sunshine, reading a book, eating seafood, and sipping on a cold beverage is just heaven for me.