The Only Thing Constant is Change

If being a small business owner has taught me anything, it's that as soon as you start to settle into a new rhythm, something will change. Whether by choice or by circumstance, you will develop a new product or collaborate with a new group or something will break and you'll have to reinvent the wheel. 

That's exactly what life was like at Santosha last week.  It was of course, the first week of April, time to refresh and revamp... it seems to be the date that you set back in January thinking, "we've got loadddsss of time to figure this out," but then suddenly spring has sprung and it's March 31.

Not only did we finally launch our new Barre program in response to last year's survey (sorry it took so long, we had to get the studio built!) but we've just started a collaboration with the ladies (at least I think they're mostly ladies) over at Jazzercise. To top it all off, on Thursday, MINDBODY went down nationwide. It was a whirlwind week... but it was exactly what we envisioned for this space: a hub of people looking to make themselves feel good and looking to make their lives better, whether that's through Yoga (my preferred method of feel-gooder-ship) or Barre or Jazzercise or the group who are participating in Lynsie's new Dharma coaching program which launched on Saturday.

How do you make yourself feel good, feel well, feel whole? We would love to know how we can provide for you or your loved ones!