private yoga & yoga tune up

Our highly experienced and trained teachers offer one on one and small group session private yoga. Private yoga gives you the invaluable opportunity to work directly with a teacher who can look at the alignment in your body and give hands on adjustments to help you find the best shape for your body. Private yoga is a great way to work on commonly misaligned postures such as chataranga and triangle pose.

We also offer Yoga Tune Ups: a 30 min private yoga session to go over the alignment of poses in the Sun Salutations and/or whatever pose or poses you request. Its a great way to dive deeper and make sure you are moving as safely into the poses as you can!

  • private yoga rates from $70 an hour depending on teacher
  • yoga tune ups $35 for 30 minutes (members cost is $30)
  • we love doing Bachelorette Parties/Wedding Day and Special Event Yoga!