Series & Workshops

holiday cheer: a pre-holiday wine-down

thursday, december 21, 2018 6:00-9:00 pm

Join Santosha Yoga Crozet at Veritas Winery on Thursday, December 21, 2017 from 6-9 for a 60 minute candle and Christmas tree lit Multi-Level Vinyasa Yoga class and a glass of wine and nibbles after. The tasting room will be perfectly festive and a great way to welcome your out of town guests. Relax and unwind before diving into the craziness of the holiday weekend!

Please reserve early, space is limited

shedding layers: a new years cleanse week

with Mia Hamza

monday, january 8 - friday, january 12, 2018 - 10:00-11:30 am

pre-cleanse meeting on saturday, january 6, 2018 1:00-3:00 pm

Is your body ready for a shift? The New Year is the perfect time for cleaning up our bodies and minds, too. Set yourself up to start anew and lead a more vibrant life. This 5-day New Year detox is meant to detoxify the body, mind, and spirit so you can shed the layers that weigh you down.

Join Mia Hamza for 5 days to rejuvenate your body and awaken a fresh perspective!

This 5-day detox involves:

  • A 90 minute daily practice, including:

  • Vinyasa yoga for detoxification

  • Myofascial release to unravel tension and clear toxins from the tissues

  • Pranayama and meditation to release mental toxins

  • Guidelines to improve your diet


  • An introductory meeting for overview, nutritional guidelines, and Q&A

  • Homework and journaling prompts designed to light up your life

  • Optional daily nourishment from Smojo Smoothies - please send us an email when you sign up if you'd like to include the food on your cleanse.

    • Breakfast to include a smoothie and a nibble

    • Snacks including a daily fresh made juice and nut milk

    • Warm Salad for lunch

    • Hearty Dinner

We will have a social on the Saturday before the cleanse to prepare and meet one another as we head into the cleanse.

Move toward vibrant health as you eliminate toxins from your body, deepen your yoga practice, and create clarity both mentally and physically.
Please note: This detox is open to  all levels of experience.

investment: $200

Members: $180

early bird special - enjoy 10% off if you sign up by 12/15/17

The science of life: intro to ayurveda

with Chloe Watkins

Saturday, January 13, 2018 - 1:00-3:00 pm

Ayurvedic Medicine is the oldest known healing tradition on the planet and is commonly referred to as the sister science to Yoga. In Ayurvedic Medicine, the practitioner is empowered to seek their own unique body/life balance to promote and foster optimal health and wellbeing. These bespoke practices change seasonally and over time to address the constantly changing imbalances and challenges that life throw at us. 

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn what Ayurvedic medicine is.
  • Get an overview of the three Doshas (types) and start to get an idea of your own personal constitution.
  • Learn daily practices and habits that tailored to promote your personal and individual wellbeing.
  • Learn practices that can address the imbalance of the current season (of the year and of your life).

If you believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, this workshop is for you. Start living your most balanced and vibrant life.

Investment: $25

Members: $22.50

Early Bird Special: Save 10% if you register by January 1st


with Mia White

Saturday, January 20th - 12:00-3:00 PM

Come spend 3 delicious hours diving deep into your heart and soul to discover what is ready to be left behind, and what longs for more attention as you take your first steps into the new year.   We will journey together through experiential exercises, asana, meditation, deep relaxation, breathwork, and journaling to chart a new course, a course towards greater fulfillment and authenticity.  Take home a stronger sense of clarity and conviction, and some resources to help you stay on your path and navigate it with intention.

Bring a journal, a pen, a water bottle, and a sense of possibilities! 

Investment: $40

members: $36

Early Bird Discount: 10% off  if registered by Jan. 6th

introduction to yoga

a six week beginners series

with chloe watkins

sundays January 21-February 25, 2018 4:00-5:30 pm

Yoga is a lifelong practice that you can take with you and utilize in any part of your life, but it can be intimidating just jumping into a class! What better way to lay the groundwork than by committing to an introductory series.

In this six week series you will learn the basic yoga poses, flows and get an overview of Yogic principles outside of the physical practice. Did we mention that you enjoy discounted rates on our regular drop in classes for the duration of the series? Check out all of the teachers and styles and see which one suits you best!

Unsure if you're a good fit for this course? Email us at and we can help!

investment: $125

early bird special: $110 (until 1/1/18)

participants enjoy a drop in rate of $12 for any other classes they'd like to try at the studio for the duration of the series.

Backbending with a heart of compassion

with gwen sojourner

saturday, january 27, 2018, 1:00-3:30 pm

This workshop is designed to deepen your practice of backbends by developing increased openness and flexibility in your own heart of compassion. We will warm up with stretches of the different muscle groups of the legs, wrists, arms, shoulders and abdomen working up to advanced backbending poses such as upward facing bow. 

Whatever your current level of backbending ability this class is suitable and open to all those who aspire to an increased capacity for love and compassion.


members: $31.50

early bird discount until 1/13/18 - $30 non-members, $27 members

The Art of Inversions

with Ashley Holland

Saturday, February 10, 2018, 1:00-3:00 PM

Inversions are invigorating, energizing and fun poses to explore in your yoga practice. Yet, they can be confusing and challenging to get into in your average 60 minute yoga class. Join Santosha's Ashley Holland for two hours dedicated to kicking your feet up and going upside down. We will break-down the fundamentals of handstand, forearm stand and headstand and explore the key elements of these poses in a safe and playful setting.

*minimum 5 participants

Investment: $35

Members: $31.50

Early Bird Discount: 10% off if registered by 2/1/18

meet your chakras

with mia white

saturday, february 24, 2018, 1:00-3:00 pm

The chakras are the seven energy centers of the body.  When they’re strong and balanced, we feel grounded, creative, confident, compassionate, clear in our communications, insightful, and connected to our mind-body-spirit. In this workshop, we will explore the significance and opportunities of each chakra while opening and strengthening them through meditation, journaling, and active yoga practice.  You are guaranteed to leave with a greater sense of empowerment to bring forth your best!  Bring a journal, a pen, a water bottle, and your curiosity!

Investment: $30

Members: $27

Early bird discount: 10% off if registered before 2/10/18


yoga anatomy 101: shoulders

with lynsie mckeown

Sunday, March 4, 2017 1:00-3:30 pm

The most common injury in yoga occurs in the shoulder.  It is an incredibly mobile joint allowing a wide range of movements.  However, without proper awareness of how to stabilize the joint, we become vulnerable to repetitive use injuries.  Yoga asana requires a lot of repetition!  Learn basic shoulder anatomy, how to create stability and maintain integrity of the shoulder so you can advance safely in your practice.  This workshop is part lecture and part experiential practice so bring a notebook, pen and yoga mat.

This workshop is part of a larger series of workshops focusing on the anatomy and biomechanics of the body. Have a particular interest in a part of the body? Let us know and we will develop a workshop around it. Email us at:

investment: $35

members: $31.50

Myofascial Release Workshop

with Mia Hamza

sunday, March 11, 2018 3:00-5:30 PM

In this workshop, Mia will guide you on an exploration of your entire connective-fascia system.

You’ll release tension from overlooked places deep in your connective tissue where mental, physical and emotional toxins are stuck. You will understand more clearly how stress inhabits your body and mind, then move forward healthy, released and calm with rejuvenated energy and a new set of tools for maintaining balance and ease in your life.

This workshop is open to all bodies who can lie down on a mat on the floor and may be especially helpful for yoga students and athletes who cross train.

Yoga for Happy Hips

with mia white

saturday, march 24, 2018, 1:00-3:30 pm

The hips are the largest joints in the body and, as such, are a place where a lot of energy is transferred––or stuck.  For those who spend a lot of time sitting, or even for those who don’t, the modern world doesn’t give us much opportunity to move our bodies in all the ways they’re designed to move, to keep them healthy. Yoga to the rescue!

Mia White combines her many years of experience in yoga and massage therapy ( to bring you this fun and informative 2-hour workshop.  You will:

  • gently nudge your hips open in every direction, and feel how this benefits your whole body

  • learn about the anatomy and physiology of your hips, their connection to low back, legs, and knees, why and how to keep them flexible and strong

  • learn about the energetic significance of your hips as part of the 2nd chakra

  • take away some new skills for keeping your hips happier at home or office

  • get ready for all the gardening coming soon, and find more ease and enjoyment in hiking, biking, or just taking a walk

This class is suitable for anyone who can get up and down from the floor with relative ease.  Some yoga experience helpful but not required, this class is also great for athletes with tight hamstrings/low back, or for anyone recovering from a hip/leg/back injury (not too recent).  Please wear very comfortable stretchy clothing, come well-hydrated, and bring a leak-proof water bottle.

Your happier hips will thank you!

If you have any questions about whether this course is right for you, please feel free to contact the instructor, Mia White, at

investment: $35

members: $31.50

early bird discount: 10% if registered by 3/10/18